Republican Town Caucus

Republicans nominate slate of incumbents for November

   Caledonia Republicans caucused on August 25, 2009 to nominate a full slate of candidates in the upcoming November 3, 2009 town election. The terms of supervisor, town clerk, town justice, and two councilpersons are expiring at the end of the year.

   Fred Hermanson served as caucus chair and Rebecca Schroeder acted as secretary to record the meeting minutes and candidate nominations.

   The following slate of incumbents received their party’s endorsement.

  • Supervisor (2 yr.) – Daniel Pangrazio
  • Town Clerk (2 yr.) – Laurie Sattora
  • Town Justice (4 yr.) – Gil Smith
  • Town Council (4 yr.) – Todd Bickford and Mark Rothrock.

   Each of the candidates accepted their party’s nomination and offered a few words to those in attendance. Pangrazio thanked the town board for the job they do and said he enjoys his job as supervisor and appreciates the opportunity to serve for another two years. Sattora thanked her party for the nomination and said she will continue to keep doing her best. Smith said the town court has gotten busier and with the voters’ support, he’ll continue to decide cases fairly in town court. Bickford spoke about his fellow board members and how each one brings something unique to the table. He said he feels good about the board’s efforts to do something good for the people of Caledonia. Rothrock, a 20-year veteran councilman, said budget issues have brought challenges to the town in recent years but says the board is experienced and prepared to handle whatever it faces in the future.

   Republican party chair John Pauer encouraged the party to get behind their candidates this fall and get the voters out on November 3.

   Caledonia Democrats decided not to hold a caucus for the November election.

   Eric Martin of Caledonia is listed with the Livingston County Board of Elections as a candidate for supervisor on the Working Families Party.

   The Livingston County Board of Elections reminds voters of these important dates.

  • October 9 is the last day for a postmark for a mailed voter registration.
  • October 27 is the last day to postmark an application for a ballot.
  • November 2 is the last day to apply in person at the Board of Elections for a ballot or to postmark an absentee ballot.
  • November 3 is the last day to deliver a ballot in person to the Board of Elections.
  • November 3 is the general election day.


Caledonia Republicans nominated a full slate of incumbent candidates for the November 3, 2009 election. L to R: Gil Smith, Daniel Pangrazio, Laurie Sattora, Todd Bickford and Mark Rothrock.