Local Film Director shoots PSA about
"Keeping Horses Healthy"

   Film and video producer and director Jeffrey Mead has been telling stories by creating images using light and sound for more than 30 years. Mead, of Caledonia, recently completed production of a public service announcement featuring the star of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, actor James Pickens, Jr. The PSA features Pickens in a message from the American Quarter Horse Association and Fort Dodge Animal Health called, "Keeping Horses Healthy."

   Mead is a principal in the Rochester based company, P.O.V. – Rose Films, a merger of his own company Point of View Film and Video and David Rose Films about 12 years ago. Lattora, Paul and McCann Advertising Agency in Syracuse, NY delivered the script to Mead and P.O.V. - Rose Films to produce.

   He had shot a video news release on a local horse farm before but says that traveling to Los Angeles, California for the Pickens video was a challenge. The project was scheduled earlier this year. Mead sent a pre-production crew to the location to take still photographs of the geography and lighting in the low desert mountain region 45 minutes north of Los Angeles. Mead and others on the production crew analyzed the photos to schedule the shoot exactly around specific times of day. It was important that the weather cooperated, specifically that the sun was shining, for the day of the taping. Additional freelance crews and equipment needed were also arranged prior to the day of shooting. Mead says many of the freelance crews in the L.A. area were tied up working on projects associated with the Academy Awards, which were taking place at the time of shooting the PSA.

   Everything came together for production day. Mead served as director and director of photography on the project, producing three television and three radio spots to be aired nationwide. He used a Panasonic high definition television camera to shoot the PSA, along with truckloads of added gear rented for that day. Though he had limited experience working with horses, he had never worked with a high profile Hollywood actor before. Mead found Pickens to be very personable and professional.

   "James’ genuine love of horses was evident both off and on camera. He was down-to-earth, genuine, personable, and extremely professional and directable," Mead commented.

   Pickens is a competitive roper and member of the American Quarter Horse Association. He lost one of his own horses, Smokey, to a devastating disease and since then, has been committed to educating horse owners about the importance of regular vetinary care.

   Mead first became interested in still photography when he was a teenager. He loved the visual aspect and that the camera provided a way for him to become involved in things that otherwise, he could not. As a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, he added the elements of sound, motion and time and became fascinated with video and film. He never pursued still photography professionally, instead focused on video and film.

   In 2008, Water for Sudan, a Rochester not for profit organization, contracted P.O.V.-Rose Films to produce a fundraising and educational video for them. Mead, along with Caledonia First Presbyterian Pastor Nancy Reinert and an Associated Press reporter, spent a week in Sudan in remote villages where new wells were being bored. The recent video with Pickens, the Water for Sudan educational video and a first person documentary he is currently working on called, "More Than Just Love – a Dad’s Transcultural Adoption Story," are projects that are near and dear to Mead’s heart. In "More Than Just Love," Mead tells the story of how his family dealt with the tough issues associated with transcultural adoption. Mead and his wife Pat are the parents of two, now grown, adult daughters, Emma from Korea and Anya from India. The family has resided in Caledonia for 17 years.

 Jeffrey Mead and star of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, actor James Pickens, Jr.