Postal Service proposes to close the Caledonia Post Office

  The economic slump has meant less traffic and reduced revenue for Caledonia’s post office. In addition the Postal Service was unable to renew the lease on Caledonia Post office. As a result there is a proposal to close the Caledonia Post Office. Caledonia Postal customers recieved letters in the mail on March 1 notifying them of this proposed change and providing a survey that could be filled out and returned.

  The letters stated that the Postal Service is proposing to close the suspended Caledonia Post office. If the initiative is approved then the 14423 zip code would remain intact and there would be no change to street or PO Box addresses for Caledonia customers. The change would be that PO Box and retail services would be obtained at the Mumford Post Office. Mail sorting and delivery would occur at the Scottsville Post Office.

  As part of the proposed change the Postal Service is looking for customers input on how this change would effect them. The letters contained a survey that can be returned in postage paid envelope. In addition customers can also write letters to the following individuals.

  Norbert Rzeszutek
  Wny Facility Optimization Coordinator
  United States Postal Service
  1200 William St. Rm 205
  Buffalo, NY 14240-9345

  Ron Coon
  Manager Of Post Office Operations
  1335 Jefferson Rd
  Rochester, NY 14692

  All letters must be recieved by March 11, 2011.

  Please write letters to help save the Caledonia Post Office.