River Road construction slows motorists to 35 mph

   Nearly 2,000 motorists a day travel River Road between Livingston and Monroe Counties. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably experienced delays as a several month long construction project has speeds reduced to 35 miles per hour along the 4.7 miles of road to the Monroe County line. It will remain that way throughout the construction season, which typically ends by the first of November.

   The stretch of highway is long overdue for maintenance, says Town of Caledonia Highway Superintendent Mark Schroeder. Caledonia highway crews have been working on River Road for several weeks cleaning roadway ditches, grinding the shoulder of the road and installing drainage tiles. In the next month workers will be installing drainage pipes on the driveways on that stretch of the road then spreading gravel and paving the shoulders. The towns of Avon, York and Lima highway departments also helped on the project.

   Speed is reduced in the work zone for driver and highway worker safety, Schroeder said. The road surface is very rough and heavy equipment is working in a very high volume traffic situation. Schroeder says the morning and late afternoon drive times are the worst. Some motorists are clearly unhappy with the speed reduction and the hold ups caused by the work being done. With construction planned to continue for the next several months and possible next summer also, motorists may want to consider an alternate route.

   Caledonia DPW is also completing work on McIntyre Road. Fill taken from River Road was used on McIntyre and additional maintenance along that road is planned, Schroeder said.


Speed along 4.7 miles of River Road is reduced to 35 miles per hour
during the construction times.


Town of Caledonia Highway workers will be on River Road for the next few months
completing much needed road maintenance.