Town Board covers a variety of agenda items

   The August 13, 2009 Caledonia Town Board meeting included a variety of discussions on issues of zoning, planning, vehicular traffic on town roads and the timeline for preparing the 2010 budget.

   Supervisor Daniel Pangrazio called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Major Chris Smith from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department presented the findings of a speed study conducted on McIntyre Road in Caledonia, after residents living on that road expressed concern about excessive motorist speed. The posted speed limit is 55 miles per hour. 

   A sheriff’s deputy parked on the road collected data on the speed and number of vehicles traveling the road from July 23 to 27. The results indicate that only 12.7 percent of the vehicles traveling McIntyre Road during the five day period were traveling over the speed limit. The majority of the vehicles were traveling between 46 and 50 miles per hour with the average speed being 43 miles per hour. During another five-day period, a deputy collected data that showed only 6.5 percent of the vehicles were traveling above 55 miles per hour on the road. The sheriff’s department also deployed a speed trailer on the road, which collected data with similar findings. The average speed collected by the trailer was between 33 and 42 miles per hour.

   Several residents of McIntyre Road attended the meeting and listened intently to the major’s findings. They continued to express concern about excessive speed and raised the point that motorists voluntarily slowed down when they saw the sheriff’s vehicle and/or trailer. Major Smith told the residents that the purpose of the speed trailer and the deputy’s vehicle being present on the road is to make motorists aware of their speed and voluntarily slow down. 
"We want people safe. We’ll continue to keep up with traffic control in Caledonia.

   The purpose of the speed trailer is to educate people about their speed," Smith explained. He fielded many questions and concerns from the residents.
Smith said the sheriff’s department uses patrols and speed trailers throughout the county to enforce safe driving on the roads and highways.

   The board got a look at the finished product of the Caledonia brochure, which features a comprehensive look at the businesses and attractions available in the town and village. The Association of Caledonia Businesses, with cooperation from the town and village boards, developed the brochure as a means of attracting visitors to the community and helping them find all that is offered during their stay. Look for the brochures in stores and businesses in Caledonia. (a pdf version version will be available on this website)

   The town’s legal counsel, Peter Skivington, provided advice pertaining to several zoning code issues discussed in the past by the planning board. Among them, local laws that regulate noise, keeping of horses and other hoofed animals and the time frame for keeping psu (portable storage units) on private property. Skivington advised that much of the regulation comes from the property owners themselves exercising common sense. The board continued in a lengthy discussion on these matters but took no immediate action to enact a local law on either of them.

   The board and Skivington discussed enforcement of zoning on the PUD in and around Dollar General on Caledonia-Avon Road and for expansion at AGL (Affordable Great Locations). There was also discussion about the upcoming construction of Avon Wesleyan Church at the corner of River and Avon-Caledonia Roads.

   CEO Tom Perkins reported on his work with Caledonia Mobile Home Park to become compliant with several code violations. Perkins said he and the health department conducted an inspection of the park and that the current manager was extremely receptive to addressing all of the possible violations. Perkins said he took care of all of the items listed. 

   Town Highway Superintendent Mark Schroeder told the board that construction on that road is about to conclude until next season. A shared services grant that the town had jointly applied for with several other neighboring townships has been denied, Schroeder reported.
In other business, the board approved changing the September meeting date from the tenth to the seventeenth. Pangrazio made the board aware that due to the significant rains this summer; there is evidence of mold in the basement of the town hall. The board extended their approval to investigate a corrective action to reduce and/or eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

   Pangrazio will present the tentative 2010 budget to the board on September 29 at 6:30 p.m.