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Recreation Highlights
August 2009

   Another summer of Caledonia Recreation is winding down. Over the past two weeks, the park attendants participated in many activities.

   A bus full of excited football fans visited St. John Fisher College to experience the Buffalo Bills Training Camp. Everyone wanted a look at the Billsí newest player, Terrell Owens.

   On Wednesday, August 5th over a hundred children and families attended the annual Penny Carnival. Mayor Joe Caluorie and Town Supervisor Dan Pangrazio cooked hotdogs for lunch. Danielle Clark and Angie Carson painted faces. Sunnie the Clown entertained the youngest of participants by making her famous balloons. The penny games were a success! Children love to play the traditional penny games and win some great prizes. Thank you to all of the Middle School volunteers who ran the games. Your time is greatly appreciated. This year, the recreation staff participated in a Corn Eating Contest. Lee Reed won the first annual Corn Crown for eating 3 ears of corn the fastest. Ashley Cummings protested the win. She claims that Lee had the smallest ears of corn and was at an unfair advantage. Josh Shelton came in second place. A thank you to Justin Walsh for the excellent idea!

   Park participants enjoyed 2 days of tie-dying. Shirts, socks, and even underwear were dyed for all to enjoy. There was also a mask decorating contest. "Best Overall" mask was designed by Danielle Molisani. "Most Exotic" mask was created by Aidan Mooney. "Most Natural" mask was designed by Kenna Kosinski and "Most Unique" was created by Julia Pettis.

   Recreation Director, Lindsey Peet, would like to thank all of the Recreation Staff for their dedication, patience, and hard work over the weeks of the program. The children of our community enjoyed an amazing summer with a variety of activities because of your talent and ideas. Thank you!

Penny Carnival Photos ....

Hamilton Highlights
July 24, 2009

   The weather has not put a damper on the events at Hamilton Park. Capture the Flag is one of the childrenís favorite activities. It is game that everyone can participate in and enjoy. Hamilton Park hosted a 2 on 2 basketball tournament where Robbie Voos and Shai Nelson were victorious! Alex Polo won the Hot Shot Tournament.

   Children enjoy the daily routines. Each morning Lee Reed offers a creative activity for children, young and old, to make. Shell bracelets, bead animals, telescopes and wallets were made over the past two weeks.

   Hopefully the sun will continue to shine so that we can turn on the fountain for some fun in the water!

Washburn Watch
July 17, 2009

   The first weeks at Washburn Park were exciting. Attendance is on the rise and many middle school students are making there way to Washburn to participate in several activities. Of course, it might have something to do with the supervisors, Pat Combo and Justin Walsh. These young men bring seven years experience to the park. Park attendants feel comfortable requesting a variety of activities. Some favorite activities include Flag Football, Basketball, Dodgeball, Knockout, Wallball, and Tennis.

   Horizon Fun FX was a success. Children were able to participate in Laser Tag, rollerskating, rocking climbing, and "Jungle Jimís Playland". Future events include the Bills Training Camp and Seabreeze.


Hamilton Highlights
July 15, 2009

   The first few weeks at Hamilton Park were very successful. Participants enjoy a few park favorites which include kickball, capture the flag, pool, and world cup. On July 1st, Washburn and Hamilton enjoyed a Bike Rodeo. Each child had their bike helmet inspected and if the helmet did not pass they were given a free helmet. After listening to a discussion on bike safety the children put their safety skills to the test on an obstacle course.

   Makenzie Wilson, David Morrison, and Seth Toland showed their basketball skills during the Hot Shot Tournament. Kaitlyn Willis is a hula hoop star! She set a park record when she hula hooped for 3 hours and 15 minutes. She even hula hooped while eating her lunch! Nathan Warters won a pool tournament.

   The first field trip was to Minnehans in Lakeville. We filled two buses with over 90 children. At Minnehans, children enjoyed go-carts, miniature golf, batting cages, and tasty treats.

   Everyone is looking forward to the exciting weeks to come!





Hamilton Park
Heather Kime, Nicole Hagstrom, Lee Reed, Matt Cornwall
Josh Shelton, Ashley Cummings


Washburn Park
Justin Walsh & Pat Combo


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