Summer street project keeps Village of Caledonia DPW

   Summer is the time for street work to be completed and the Village of Caledonia DPW is in the middle of a $100 thousand reconstruction project of Jersey Street, which has been plagued by flooding and surface erosion for many years. It has been nearly 20 years since the street has received any significant maintenance.

   Water and Street Superintendent Chris Buckley says the street is being completely reconstructed starting with removal of ten inches of existing road base and the asphalt layer at the surface. To combat the flooding that typically occurs on the street during times of heavy and prolonged rains and or melting snow, the DPW is installing four new catch basins and a thousand feet of drainage tile will be laid underground. An additional drainage trunk line will be added, which ties into Jane Street and out on to North Street. A new fire hydrant will be added at the intersection of Jane and Jersey Street.

   A combined ten inches of crushed stone will replace what is being removed and a binder and top coat of asphalt will finish off the road surface. New curbing will put in place and new sidewalks poured where needed. Handicap sidewalks will be put in place at the intersections. Repair to private driveway aprons and to nearby topsoil will put the finishing touches on the street.

   Buckley says the DPW will be working on Jersey Street throughout the month of August and into September.

   Several other streets in the village have been given minor improvements, including Spring Street, Iroquois Road, Sandhill Road and Center Street. The DPW plans a major overhaul to Pamela Way next construction season, again to address serious drainage problems there.


Village of Caledonia DPW is completely renovating Jersey Street
with new base, drainage, curbs and sidewalks.