Benefit for the care of Amanda Wilson

   Amanda Wilson is a 14 year old from Caledonia, New York, who has been diagnosed with Characinoid Tumor. She attends Caledonia-Mumford School where she enjoys Cheerleading and Soccer. The tumor was successfully removed but there were some complications. She is currently recovering at Strong Memorial Hosptial.

   Amanda is not covered by health insurance and due to medical reasons only has one parent supporting the family. She will need to be watched and tested for the next three years for any recurrences.

   Please join us as we hold a fundraiser for her medical bills and care. With donations from Geneseo Family Restaurant, Anderson's Town and County and Caledonia Fire Department, a BBQ Chicken dinner benefit will be held at J.W. Jones Hall on October 24th @ 5 pm.

   Please contact Jeni Corser @ 585-538-2548 or Sarah Anderson @ 585-729-5732