LCBEA names Ellen Macy-Flint 2009 Outstanding Educator

   Caledonia-Mumford Elementary School teacher Ellen Macy-Flint believes that a partnership between the local schools and the business community is an important component of a youngsterís education. Because of her efforts, Cal-Mum Elementary School students are especially fortunate because they have dedicated members of the local business community sharing important themes in their classrooms at every grade level. As a result, Mrs. Ellen Macy-Flint, a fifth grade teacher, was named the 2009 Outstanding Educator by the Livingston County Business Education Alliance. Carrie Malone, BEA executive director, presented Macy-Flint with the award at CM school on June 11, 2009. Julie Marshall, deputy director of Livingston County Economic Development and friend of Macy-Flintís, nominated her for the award.

   "She is an excellent teacher and individual. She is looked upon not only by the fifth grade staff as their leader, but other elementary staff as well," Marshall said.

   Macy-Flint has been a Cal-Mum teacher for 24 years. Fresh out of college she brought her cheerful smile to the classroom and many of her former students recall being energized by her positive personality. "She always smiled, was really nice and I remember that she gave us the idea for a Valentineís Day dance in fifth grade," Senior Deanna Krenzer recalled.

   "I had her for science and she was really excited and energetic about it," Senior Tyler Murphy said.

   "She always did her best to make class interesting," Junior Kevin Keenan commented.

   Nothing has changed in that regard, as far the students are concerned. Look what her current students have to say.

   Nicholas Sims says, "She is always fun and has cool activities for us that make learning fun and easy."

   "Mrs. Macy-Flint has a fun attitude and she is very helpful," Samantha Laursen, a student in her class remarked.

   Jenna Essig said her teacherís collection of Pez dispensers that sit on the ledge that goes around the classroom makes it a fun place to learn. She and some of the other students added to the collection with Disney characters and Santa Pez.

   "Chelsea Riggi and Dominica Baumgart say they really liked that Mrs. Macy-Flint helped the class make their own gingerbread houses at holiday time.

   Her willingness to add, change and try new things over the years is characteristic of her enthusiasm for the students. Ten years ago she developed a special moving up day ceremony for fifth grade students moving from the elementary building to the middle school. It has become the pinnacle of every studentís elementary years.

   Macy-Flint has always encouraged people from the community to visit the classroom to achieve the mutual goal of building a better workforce and producing good citizens. About five years ago she became the coordinator of the Junior Achievement program, which is successful at every grade level, kindergarten through fifth grade, at Cal-Mum Elementary.

   She also believes that experiential learning is important for young students so she developed a school store where fifth graders could gain experience with customer service, maintaining inventory, banking and economics.

   Macy-Flint has demonstrated a compassion for her students as many have experienced various difficulties over the years. The students know she is always there for them. When one of her studentís parents was seriously ill, Macy-Flint organized the faculty and staff to provide meals to the family.

   "She is a terrific teacher and the kids have a lot of respect for her. Every year, several of her former students come back to visit her in the classroom. That says a lot about her," commented James Wolinsky, retired Cal-Mum Elementary School principal.

   At the end of the school day Macy-Flint goes home to a busy family, her husband, Mike and sons Grainger and Cole. They joined Malone and Marshall for the surprise presentation of the Outstanding Educator award.


Cal-Mum fifth grade teacher Ellen Macy-Flint is the Livingston County Business Education Alliance Outstanding Educator for 2009. BEA Executive Director Carrie Malone and her nominator, Julie Marshall, join Superintendent of Schools David V. Dinolfo, and her husband and son, Mike and Cole Flint for the surprise presentation.