Caledonia-Mumford History Quiz
Submitted by Caledonia Town Historian Eileen LaFave

1) What is the name of the famous Seneca Chief from Canawaugus?
    a) Sitting Bull
    b) Running Bear
    c) Cornplanter
    d) Big Springs
2) What was the first name given to our community by the Scotch settlers in 1795?
    a) Caledonia
    b) Northampton
    c) Southampton
    d) Westfield
3) What does Caledonia mean?
    a) Beautiful Meadow
    b) Last name of one of the original settlers
    c) Scotland
    d) Name of a flower that grew in this part of the state in the late 1700's
4) In the early days of Caledonia, the boundaries of the town included LeRoy, York, and Mumford?
    a) True
    b) False
5) The Fish Hatchery was established in 1864 by:
    a) Lorne Green
    b) Seth Thomas
    c) Marlowe Thomas
    d) Seth Green
6) Why was the Presbyterian Church in Mumford featured in "Ripley's Believe it or Not"?
    a) First church west of the Genesee River?
    b) The structure is built entirely from petrified wood?
    c) Tallest steeple?
    d) Largest alter built from a single piece of wood?
7) The monument in the center of Caledonia was put there;
    a) As a war memorial
    b) To slow traffic down
    c) As a tribute to the first Scottish settlers
    d) As an artistic sculpture to make the village more beautiful
8) Who was the first Mayor of Caledonia?
    a) Charles W. Blackman 1891-1893
    b) Jay Bostwick 1897-1899
    c) Robert Place 1901-1902
    d) Harrison Brown 1925-1947