Some History

   In 1995 after the Village received a matching grant from NY State for downtown renovations, one of the requirements of this grant was that the Village Board needed to put some funds into improving the downtown area.

   Barb Kemnitz was on the Board of Trustees at the time and became a proponent for some sort of sign to alert the community of coming events. It was frustrating to many that organizations had had fundraisers and no one knew about them until after the fact.

   The Village Board gave permission to pursue finding a way to acquire a sign and donated a certain amount to be matched with the grant. Barb contacted Craig Johnson, who actually owns the sign that the Community Sign is attached to, and he graciously gave the village permission to use the bottom of that sign, only requiring that it be in good taste and used for the purpose of relaying coming events and items of interest to the community.

   The Village received donations for the sign from the Variety Show, Fire Department, Lions Club, Rotary Club, American Legion and a few others. It is a Community Sign for reminding us to support our organizations and to remind us that we are truly a community.

   The sign was installed in March of 1996 when Barb volunteered to update the events. Through all kinds of western New York weather, she maintained the sign for over ten years. In December of 2006, the Village became responsible for updating the events.

The Guidelines

   When organizations have an important event scheduled, call the Village Office at 538-6565 so they can put it on the calendar. The events are displayed on a first come, first serve basis. The Village will put it on the sign a couple of days before the event as a reminder of the coming event. Please do not think of it as advertising.

   There are 20 spaces on each line; there are 3 lines on each side. One side only for each item or event. Sometimes there are interesting tidbits concerning a member(s) of our community, same as above; sometimes there is room, sometimes there is not. So have your organizations plan accordingly and the Village will do their best to publicize your event.