Village Court receives grant to install metal detector

   Call it a sign of the times, but with examples in the headlines everyday of how vulnerable we are as a free society against the senseless and random destruction of human life, itís no surprise that even local municipal courts are feeling a bit uneasy about security.

   Using a state grant to cover the costs, Caledonia Village Court installed a metal detector at the entrance to the court room. The Honorable Judge Mark Riggi says five knives were taken from people entering the court on the first night that the security check point was in place.

   "People do get aggressive in court. The metal detector was installed for the overall safety of the court employees and all those who are attending," Riggi said.

   The cost of the metal detector, a little over $4 thousand dollars, was completely paid for with a grant from the New York State Justice Court Assistance Program.

   Riggi says itís not uncommon for judges, even local judges, to be harassed and or threatened by an angry person. It can happen anywhere, he added. When the grant was announced, court clerk Julie Molisani immediately applied on behalf of Caledonia Village Court. It is a good example of New Yorkers hard earned tax dollars coming back home, they say, and admit that the metal detector does provide a greater sense of security for those working in the court room.

   Village court handles between 30 and 65 cases every Monday night. That number increases on two Mondays in the month when the county district attorney attends to handle cases where the defendant has pled not guilty.

   The court room is also used for regular village board meetings and other special meetings throughout the month. Riggi said the metal detector can be used to ensure the safety of those events as well.

   Visitors to Caledonia Village Court must now pass through a metal detector befor entering the court toom. A state grant paid for the new security checkpoint.


Youíll have to pass through this metal detector to enter Caledonia Village and Town Courts. Justice Mark Riggi, Mayor Joe Caluorie and Court Clerk Julie Molisani say ensuring court room safety is a high priority.